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Menarini is committed to helping address healthcare needs that will improve the quality of lives of people in the region.



We do what we say, and do what is right

Customer Focus

We delight our customers by delivering and exceeding their expectations

Sense of Urgency

We value speed and despise bureaucracy


We aspire to stay at the forefront of our industry by setting lofty goals

We greatly value the sense of responsibility that each of us has

At Menarini, we are always mindful of doing what is right. We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct by ensuring that our company practices fully comply with local laws and regulations, and take uncompromising actions to ensure compliance, even at the expense of sales.

People are at the heart of Menarini’s values. Corporate social responsibility is the ethos of Menarini Asia-Pacific, and it is integral to how we drive all aspects of the company for the better of our communities. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and to give back to society where we can.

We greatly value the sense of responsibility that each of us has

Transpulmin Syrup

Dapat digunakan untuk mengatasi batuk produktif maupun non produktif pada dewasa maupun anak-anak.

Nipe Drops

Merupakan obat untuk meringankan gejala flu seperti demam, sakit kepala, hidung tersumbat dan bersin-bersin yang disebabkan oleh alergi pada saluran pernapasan atas.

Selvigon Syrup

Obat batuk antitussive, untuk meredakan batuk kering terutama pada batuk alergi dan paroksismal.

Dermatix Ultra

Merupakan obat luar yang berguna untuk membantu menyamabarkan ataupun mehilangkan bekas luka dan dapat diperoleh tanpa resep dokter.

Transpulmin Syrup

Berbentuk / dengan bentuk bubuk yang teruji secara kllinis membantu lindungi napas dari udara kotor.

Transpulmin Balsam

Merupakan obat gosok khusus bayi di bawah 2 tahun yang digunakan untuk meredakan sakit kepala, sakit perut, nyeri punggung, hidung tersumbat dan menghangatkan badan yang biasanya muncul akibat terkena virus influenza.

PT Transfarma Medica Indah (“TFMI”)

A company specializes in commercialization pharmaceutical & medical devices products, with dedicated and growing Rx and OTC marketing team and sales teams

PT Menarini Indria Laboratories (“Milabs”)

A company specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Indonesia

We greatly value the sense of responsibility that each of us has

Menarini, the leading Italian pharmaceutical company in the world, has acquired Invida in November 2011.

With the acquisition, Menarini has become a parent company of two separate legal entities in Indonesia: PT Transfarma Medica Indah (“TFMI”) and PT Menarini Indria Laboratories (“Milabs”)

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Unsurpassed Partnering Track-Record Based On Value And Trust

Menarini is a fully integrated pharma company with a long, successful heritage in partnering across the globe.

Menarini has a profound know-how in many key therapeutic areas, thanks to the long-standing, commercial launch excellence and capacities in marketing and sales as well as expertise in regulatory and market access aspects. Collaboration is the key to a great success and in Menarini partnership is a part of DNA.


Expansive global reach

Powerful direct presence and excellence in execution


Versatile business models

Strategic partnerships building a WIN-WIN framework


Value and trust

Unsurpassed partnering track-record