Our compliance

At Menarini, we are always mindful of doing what is right. We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct by ensuring that our company practices fully comply with local laws and regulations, and take uncompromising actions to ensure compliance, even at the expense of sales.


Our Code of Conduct promotes ethical behaviours, guarantees compliance with all laws and regulations, and facilitates the reporting of improper and unlawful conduct. Our Code of Conduct sets positive principles and rules of conduct, as a concrete expression of our commitment to employees, patients, business partners and the community at large. It represents a fundamental guide for each of us to act with integrity.


We encourage recipients to report any potential or actual violation of laws, regulations, principles contained in our Code of Conduct, policies and procedures.

At Menarini, we take our responsibility to investigate any acts of misconduct seriously. We have dedicated whistleblowing channels in place to encourage effective reporting of any irregularities. Statements can be made voluntarily and anonymously via our EthicsPoint, and all reported concerns will be reviewed confidentially and without fear of reprisal.