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Why Partner with Menarini

Menarini is a fully integrated pharma company with a long, successful heritage in partnering across the globe.

Menarini has a profound know-how in many key therapeutic areas, thanks to the long-standing, commercial launch excellence and capacities in marketing and sales as well as expertise in regulatory and market access aspects. Collaboration is the key to a great success and in Menarini partnership is a part of DNA.

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    Fully Integrated pharma company with strong R&D capabilities ranging from development to Regulatory and Patient Access

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    Expansive global reach with a powerful direct presence and excellence in execution

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    Versatile business models in strategic partnerships building a WIN-WIN framework

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    Unsurpassed partnering track-record based on value and trust


Deals and Partnership Success Stories

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Meet our Executive Business Development Team

Our corporate dedicated Business Development team is committed to assess and explore innovative new opportunities. We seek strategic partnerships to maximize our pipeline and portfolio ensuring sustained growth with a relationship-focused and solution-based approach.

“We are proud of our strategic partnering heritage that has built the solid pillars of Menarini today and are confident of continuing our growth objectives by fueling our pipeline and expanding our portfolio with innovative medicines from trustworthy companies”

Business Development Team